July 22, 2024

MA Office for Refugees and Immigrants
Provides support services that meet the cultural and linguistic
needs of 
refugees and immigrants through a network of service
providers in Massachusetts.

MA Immigrant Households Resource Guide
An overview of resources for immigrants to Massachusetts
prepared by the Executive Office of Health and Human 
(EOHHS) and EOHHS agencies, in partnership with the Department
of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Programs for Refugees and Immigrants
 A list of Programs and Services offered by the MA Office
for Refugees and Immigrants.

Immigrant Family Services Institute, Inc.
Located in Mattapan, their mission is to expedite the successful
integration of recent immigrants into the social and economic
fabric of the United States with justice and dignity

Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Center
A community-based, non-profit, grassroots human service agency
that provides comprehensive services to refugees, asylees,
and immigrants. 

MA Welcoming Newcomer and Refugee
Students and Families

 Memo from Jeffrey C. Riley, Commissioner of
Elementary and Secondary Education
information and resources for districts to support
enrollment a
nd education of newcomer and refugee students. 

Massachusetts Migrant Education Program
 The Collaborative for Educational Services supports migratory
children and youth to overcome educational disruption, cultural
and language barriers, social isolation, various health-related
problems, and other factors that may inhibit their ability
to succeed in school.

 MA Refugee and Immigrant Health Program
The MA Department of Public Health assists with coordinating
medical screening services for refugees arriving in the state.

Immigration Advocates Network’s
MA Immigration Legal Services Director

Provides advocates with legal help for clients in your community. 

MA Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition
Provides Refugee resettlement, benefits, and support programs.

MA Health Care for All’s Immigrant Health Toolkit
This toolkit compiles useful information to guide community
members, providers, and advocates in dealing with a wide range
of questions and issues that could become a barrier for
immigrants accessing health coverage and care.

Ascentria Care Alliance’s Services for New Americans
Provides help for new neighbors from around the world to
resettle and transition to new lives.

Ace Center for New Americans
Helps refugees and immigrants navigate their path to
self-sufficiency, inclusion, and active citizenship.

Catholic Charities Refugee & Immigrant Services
Help arrivals integrate into society by offering support and guidance
as they adjust to their new surroundings and become active
participants in their communities.